• Setting Clear Objectives & Define Success
  • Research Target Audience & Market
  • Decide Core Message
  • Develop Creative Idea & Story
  • Script & Storyboard


  • Film & Photograph


  • Animate & Edit
  • Measure Success

After our creative team finishes editing your project in a manner that meets the requirements for project specifications, we then enter the revision phase of the process. A total of 2 final draft revisions will be made. Once the drafted video(s) is approved for finalization, we then place the mastered videos safely on archive reserve until the remaining payment balance is satisfied. Once the balance is complete & processed, the final project files are released in an easily accessible download platform via web link.

The short answer is, yes! Our team greatly enjoys traveling around the world, engaging with new individuals & learning more about their pursuits. No matter where you are in the world, we will meet you there.
Our creative team provides High-Quality, Royalty Free Music trusted by the Industry.

Licensing Includes: All online videos with ad spend, branded content & social media boosting. Also, National Online Ad Campaigns with Unlimited Lifetime Use. If there is a specific set of tunes recommended for use, our team with have to run a trademark search in order to ensure the success of your project. NOTICE: If the music holds a standing copyright or trademark, the video containing the marked music will be prohibited from being promoted, advertised or posted unless designated otherwise.

Once the final video is approved & delivered, our team will use strategic marketing & advertisement to extend the reach of the clients vision.
We use high dynamic frequency microphones. Each project requires different elements of capturing audio. Without compromising our standards, we evaluate client information & implement the best practices for acquiring audio for each clients project. Once our Project Director provides project details, our Creative Team makes the decision based upon experience & client preferences for properly capturing audio.
We know that your time is very important, therefore, we created an efficient streamline process for booking. Simply click the Contact Us Here button at the bottom of the page & you’re one step ahead of the game. Upon submission, our Operations Director will contact the number & email provided to set up a consultation with you & our Project Director.
his is a question artists are asked quite frequently, & we are always happy to answer. While it may seem as though our job is simply to show up for a few hours & film, this is far from actuality. Taking on a new client & providing them with an excellent service experience requires a large investment of time, including personalized consultations, advice, location scouting, creating inspiration boards, design research, hours of meticulous planning & editing.

For every hour spent during production, we spend many more on pre-planning & post-production. Additionally, we only use the highest caliber of equipment on a strict maintenance schedule to ensure the best outcome possible for your project. Our prices accurately reflect the amount of time, care & attention we spend with each client. The end result: superior visuals that have made us one of the top leaders in our industry.

We have reached the end of the production process & it is now time for the final product. Our team clarifies in the early stages of establishing a professional client relationship the preferable method of delivery, We can deliver a mastered project multiple ways such as CD-Rom, Flash Drive, Online Download Link & SD card. Once the project has been approved & your team signs the project closure form, our Operations Director will promptly expedite your order!
Yes! We take pride in sharing our area of expertise in Instagram Video Production. Our marketing and research team works with leading experts in optimizing Instagram video production reach. Our creative team provides a unique skillset to allow for full customization for each Instagram project. #Instagood
Each project is different than one another, each require detailed work. We will set an expected finish date after our Creative Director analyzes all of the provided details from first point of contact. However, we like to hold our team to the highest standards of completion. This means we strive to deliver a complete project within 14 days of final filming.
We most certainly do! However, our order of operations fluctuate based upon the peak season. This means the cost of operations are higher than our standard rates.