From the beginning of time storytelling is the most popular mode of sharing a message with an audience. The way we tell stories must also evolve as a culture experiences progression towards the most modern tool of communication. In 2021, modern culture has pioneered its way into an entirely new shared environment that is earning the label of “In Digital Aetatem” or also known as “The Digital Age.”

Today, communication in the business world is primarily accomplished through virtual video streaming platforms which offer tools for motivated entrepreneurs and power teams involving active professionals. The most common functions of these tools are to organize team meetings, remote consulting and building a referral network.

In this resource, we will answer three questions. Each question is posed from frequently asked questions that were gathered by experienced Commercial Videographers. The first question begins by addressing proper equipment for better zoom video quality. Second, we will simply the setup process by learning proper composition and lighting techniques. The golden nugget of value hidden within this resource reaches its peak after learning why professional video quality will generate more qualified leads.

Are you someone who recently spends a lot of time in online meetings? Are you tired of terrible internet connection supported by dark lighting during a big meeting? Are people just not taking you serious? Business is too slow, right? Not anymore. In this resource, you learn 3 life changing tips that will allow you to land more clients with better video quality.Secret One

Investing In The Right Gear

Your time is valuable so let’s get right to the point. You will invest $5000 in professional video equipment. At this point in your life, you must have learned the lesson of value when compared to price. Higher quality products demand a larger investment for improved outcomes.

Remember, you only have to make this investment once. Choosing the right gear that the first requires years of understanding and can be more difficult than winning the lottery. Luckily, we have spent the time learning the best gear that yields high quality results for the lowest investment. We made all of the mistakes and wins so you do not have to.

Here is a list of all of the items you will need to purchase with a detailed pricing guide.

  • Camera Body
  • Camera Lens
  • Video Tripod
  • Daylight Balanced Lights with Stands
  • Video Capture Card
  • Memory Card
  • Hdmi Cable & Adapter
  • Equipment Case

Now if that does not scare you away from absorbing the rest of this content then you have just endured and overcome the hardest lesson for today. This means two things. The first being you trust my word because my word is rooted in your best interest and that you are at a stage in your life where you are ready to improve outcomes in your business.

Once the gear arrives and you have learned how to attach the lens to the camera, install a memory card, mount the camera to a tripod, and connect your Hdmi cables from your camera to your computer, it is time to begin setting the stage for production. If you struggle with preparing the equipment, take the next few minutes watching how to properly setup your equipment.

Proper Composition & Lighting

After all of these years as a professional cinematographer there are two valuable skillsets that can improve the quality of a visual instantly. That is proper composition and proper lighting. The goal of proper light is to make the subject look good and make the light look as natural as possible.

Loosing the attention of a potential client is becoming a growing concern with online virtual meetings. That is because your audience is now inane unnatural environment look at a computer which is casting an unnatural light into their eyes as they try to focus on someone who looks and sounds unnatural due to the terrible lighting in their home office and their oak of solid bandwidth. The moment you audience knows that you are using artificial light you have officially lost their trust and attention.

Keep their attention by diffusing your light and matching the natural light of the room. Starting with diffusion. This is a popular technique that involved placing a white and transparent material such as a bed sheet, muslin or a shower curtain and hanging it in front of your primary light. These are called light modifiers. This will replicate the look of natural daylight. You will create the most natural result with a larger diffusion source. Replicating the natural daylight will help fill in those dark shadows and soften the atmosphere. If your window is to the right side of your face, your light must also be shining the same way and hitting the same side of your face. The light should be 35 degrees to the right or left and 45 degrees facing downwards.

First things rule of composition. Understand the rule of thirds. This is a framing guideline that resembles 9 square sections and guidelines on where your subject should be within the framing of your camera. Here is the answer.

Your eyes go on the top horizontal third. You head should be on the left or right vertical third. If you are speaking directly into the camera lens, which is best practice, then you should be place in the middle square. Secret Three

Professional Video Quality Builds Trust.

Have you ever showed up to an interview wearing your finest suit or dress? How confident were you walking into that meeting commanding respect? That same confidence has to be commanded in todays modern interactions, however, there is now a computer screen and a lousy internet connection standing in your way.

Imagine showing up to a consultation with a potential client and when you walk into the room to greet them they mutter, “CAN YOU HEAR ME?” Or better yet, “CAN YOU SEE ME?” And finally, trying to provide advice at the same time your potential client is trying to speak. In your case, internet connection slowed you down and now you are the one who interrupts people in the middle of conversation.

With proper gear and professional lighting, your video quality and connection will look SO MUCH BETTER than ANYONE else who you are meeting with online. Why are so confident? Because there are not many professionals who are taking themselves serious enough to command attention with better zoom video quality. If you are the only one in an online networking meeting and the only one who has a Ridiculously professional studio setup, well then, you will be the center of attention.

In these online meetings people are more distracted now than ever before. The average attention span is no at 4 seconds. That is only one second longer than a gold fish, really. Be the one who people look to when they become distracted by having a zoom visual that separates itself from the many little squares on your computer screen.

Lastly, simply wearing your sharpest set of clothes will not cut it anymore to impress the big dogs. Successful people are naturally attracted to other successful people. And it is successful people who you want to do business with. When your video quality looks better than everyone else including your new potential client, well then everyone including them will want you and want to know how you do it! More conversation results in more opportunity to sell yourself.Summary

The best investment is yourself.

If you want people to take you serious in a world where that is becoming harder and harder to do because of a digital barrier than you have to invest in yourself.

Culture is changing and it is your responsibility to keep up with the modern way of presenting your message, selling your product and building relationships.

Now if you made it this far and are still having doubts let’s clear this up once and for all. We are going to use simple math to demonstrate why you can afford this investment and why you are going to start today.

How much is one client worth to you? As a videographer, on average one client will hold a value of $2700. That means I need two clients in order to pay off my camera equipment. What is your closing rate? For us it is 87%.

That means we need to speak with 4 people on zoom and sell only two them our service in order to pay off our investment. Do you see where I am going with this.

If you are fully confident in your ability to communicate they why you do what you do to the audience you you service, then the only thing left to do is to position yourself in a way they will ACTUALLY be open to receiving your offer. That is where better video quality comes in for the win.

Once you begin experiencing more leads due to a better video quality stream in your virtual meetings, please do not hesitate to share the secrets with you respected colleagues and professional patterns because we can all use a better looking zoom meeting.