“If I just gain enough money I can have more time to be free to explore my hearts desire!”

This statement commonly becomes a small part of beginning a cinematographers common dialogue.

You may lose a substantial amount of paper or digital money throughout your time existing as a developing professional human being. On the contrary, in that same amount of time you may have some favoring circumstances allowing you the opportunity to get all if not most back in return. However, a lifetime existing as a happy man or woman is slightly limited. Time is of the essence and we all know there no return of investment packages in the form of time. And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?

I encourage you, better yet, I implore you to learn how to minimize and mitigate your processes as a business owner or creator so you may have more time to spend on what you love most.
Here is a breakdown of how I optimized my workflow so that I may spend time doing what I love most and loving what I do most.

  1. Filming:
    Record only the clips that support or further your story. This strategy is not for everyone but when practiced perfectly, the condition of your performance optimized to returning more time back into your life.
  2. Organize:
    Create and name digital folders for each capture device. This allows for faster access to the original files and project media in post production.
  3. Post production
    A workflow optimized for a minimal time investment has a professionally proven process.Import mediaOrganize

    • Trim & append
    • Cut
    • Edit
    • Composite
    • Audio
    • Color
    • Export
    • Revision
    • Deliver
    • Archive

    Work through a project in this order and once your efficiency begins to increase you will casually begin to notice more free time returning to your day.

  4. Deliver:
    Frame.io allows our team to deliver original and project media to our partners across the world. We can collaborate on complicated projects in real time. Accompanied by user friendly tools, frame.io gives us the confidence to trust that our content is backed up and safe in the cloud. Let’s not forget how much time is returned to our schedule by trusting in it’s world renown uploading speeds.< Consistent communication with clients is key for a speedy delivery./li>
  5. Celebrate:
    Celebrate your victories.You may have just accomplished a monumental task. And to stay motivated throughout your growth process, rewarding yourself will condition favorable behavior and a disciples work ethic.
    Perhaps, take your spouse out to a private island where you have prepared a simple picnic accompanied by a band of traditional mariachis. Or attempt to window shop at your local camera shop.Either way cheers to a good life.