As a starting videographer, it is important to know videography terms, have the right equipment and know what you want to film. Here is the process we’ve created to helping you get the most out of your marketing dollars.

  1. Get to know you
    In the beginning of this journey, we like to meet with you in order to find out more details. We will ask the right questions such as, how do you plan to share the video? (how much will your company spend in the next year on marketing? How valuable is video to your strategy? How often will you be posting?)
  2. Deployment strategy
    It’s fine to simply post organically and let your current followers interact, however, most business want more clients or an increase in revenue. A deployment strategy will have the insight we need to turn your video into a success magnet. Knowing exactly who is interested in your content, you can narrow down who you’re trying to get infront of. We take into consideration the target audience in all of our work.Due to our subconscious ability to purchase emotionally, we capture this film style in our work to bring you stunning results.
  3. Pre-production
    The initial payment (part of the overal cost) is to secure your time on our calendar. Our team will begin to research your target audience and come up with the strategies to make your video super effective.
    You will receive a welcome packet that holds everything you’ll need for our film day including:
    Talent release form, location release form, nda, contract, proposal, shot list(will be filled out after concepts are approved), brochure, questionnaire (to help build our knowledge of your company), and a dress code to ensure our equipment is able to work together and create a stunning video. Our team plans and executes all the necessary steps to creating a seamless film date.
  4. Production
    during the production process, our team shows up early and leaves late. The production day is when everything comes together and falls into place. Be open with suggestions, know our team will be looking out for the overall end result in all we do. The more we shoot on the production day the better. We make sure to follow up with you and your team so we are all prepared on the filming day.
  5. Deployment
    once edited, you will receive a link via email to comment on the video or approve! If there are corrections to be made, our team will wait 24hrs for all comments to be entered and finally correct all the revisions. Once approved and final payment is satisfied, your video is ready to send the final product, exporting for the correct platform is an essential detail you will not want to overlook! If you choose a deployment strategy, you can add important tags (#) at the right time. With your permission we will also post your video from our social media channels.