Companies forge stronger relationships with customers through deeply personalized visual storytelling. We are visual storytellers for businesses in the southeastern u.s. Producing videos and images for our clients. These films capture the imagination and forge stronger relationships with customers. Our approach is accessible and deeply personalized, which allows us to uncover inspiring ways to tell stories.

Visual storytelling grows businesses and facilitates trust with new audiences.

Cassian films inc has produced over 500 videos to clients over the past two years and have been active in the community. Pushing out a marketing campaign in the near future? We work alongside your marketing strategy every step of the way so you can increase your potential to yield an roi you’ll be proud of! We create video content for social media as well as tv! Working alongside marketing directors and strategists, cassian continues to provide successful videos to their clients as they start to make the most of creative video content for their business or company.
We tailor the production process to work in line with your brand’s identity and marketing strategy. We will build a strategy and start creating videos capable of connecting you with your audience on a deeper level through compelling cinematic video content. As the relationship grows, you will quickly find film production is only a piece of a glorious puzzle we like to call video. Cassian films inc strives to meet you where you are and dig to find your true needs, the best way video will support you, give you back time, and ultimately create an increase in improved outcomes.

When we zoom or sit down with you to talk about your deployment strategy such as a marketing strategy or content creation so our team can bring you the content needed for a successful campaign.

Will this be used on the website as well?
Where do I start with a marketing campaign??

If you do not have your own marketing strategy in place, we takes the time to educate you on marketing strategies to consider in oder to receive a higher roi or return of investment and which words to incorporate for the best seo or search engine optimization results.

Take your online game to the next level when you add video to your website or landing page. Your customers become genuinely engaged when they interact with video content and putting video content on your landing page to boost conversions to 80%!! It’s safe to say video is one of the best way to communicate your message to the correct audience. Companies are taking advantage of this golden nugget and reaping the benefits! Customer’s want to see you in action and what better way than through video. We take our time choosing the sounds and music in our videos. With so much to choose from you can pump out endless content.

Once you’ve established yourself as the expert and the audience you’re attracting is aware and interested in your business, you’ll want to make sure all your content on social media and website is in place as well as your deployment strategy. Posting on youtube will provide backlinks to any website domain of your choosing. You can also upload your content to vimeo and create playlists on both youtube and vimeo. At cassian, our hearts are filled with gratitude for the support we experience in wilmington, north carolina and anywhere else in the usa and we feel absolutely privileged to work with inspiring professionals and aspiring creative minds.

Get started today, contact cassian films inc for your free consultation and start mapping out your strategy.