Before you start pumping out video content you have to consider a few things.
First of all, who is your audience? What do you want them to feel?
How would you like them to react? Is there a call to action?

We’ve put together the most common questions to answer before posting video content.

  1. How does the video production process start? Why is it important to plan?
    When a team member from cassian films inc gets in touch with you, the first thing we will have you do is provide us with the best answers to the right questions via our success questionnaire. We are available to talk with you over the phone about your ideas for the project and what we can work within your budget. You want to have a budget aside for the purpose of the content whether that is to run ads on social media and television or to keep for internal use as a landing page or training module. The planning phase of the production process is a crucial one. We make sure we take all the step necessary to glide smoothly through the process.
  2. Who is your audience and how will they act?
    The film we create together will be shared to a specific audience. Knowing your target audience will help us align your video to meet your goals. If you’re working on a project that is looking to grab the attention of young men and women between the ages of 18-24, we will make sure to add music and movements that is faster along with graphics or drawing on the images (like this). Now if you saw your target audience for your project will be older adults between the ages of 51-69 then we will use slower music and movement (like this) to allow the viewer to connect with the information better.
  3. How do you want them to feel?
    After your audience views your work, what would you have them do next? Having a solid call to action allows our team to create an effective strategy to film exactly what we need using the appropriate angles and focal lengths to elicit an emotional response. In other words, the result response determines the entire film so it is extremely important to know before we hit record.
  4. How will your video be deployed?
    know how you’re going to deploy your film. Are you hosting the video on television at any point in the future? Many may not realize, television has a set of filming standards so knowing ahead of time is important. If you decide to post internally on a website or landing page, maybe a training video, you can provide us with a script or we can help you work through the questions with our storyboard and scripting services. As professional cinematographers in wilmington, nc and the surrounding area, we are looking for our local businesses’ best interest.
  5. When and where will production be taking place?
    When and where will the filming take place? This is a great question!! At cassian films inc, we provide a calendar link straight to you that will provide you our current availability allowing you to choose the day(s) and time that works best with you. Our production team will be more than happy to scout locations for you, however, for most videos as long as the location is well lit, relatively quiet (for speaking segments) and cleanly, we prefer to film where you naturally perform the action you’re supporting. Our team encourages your team to choose two dates, one confirmed day to film and another for a back up just in case rain is a factor.

Of course there are many questions that come into play specifically with graphics and branding as well as who we we will be keeping the point of contact. If you ever have any questions about the process, our team will be happy to provide the answer. We hope you’ve been able to visualize the beginning process of our production, maybe you’ve even come up with a clever filming idea! Whatever your next project is, we are here and ready to create the story.

Get started today, contact cassian films inc for your free consultation and start mapping out your strategy.